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Selling Your Home

Selling your house is a huge decision, and I would be excited to work with you and make sure you are happy with the final price. The choice to sell your house is only the first step in the selling process.

When you are ready to commit to the process of selling your home, I have a few steps for you to consider to attain your goal and ensure the sale will happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It takes a lot of work to prepare for a sale, especially when the market has a lot of options out there. Today’s buyer is able to view many properties and be more particular about the specifics they are looking for. In order to prepare your house for the scrutiny of buyers, talk to a professional REALTOR® and prepare your property to sell as soon as it hits the market.

Selling your home is a major business transaction that can affect your future – you need to be able to trust your REALTOR®. If you would like to experience my skills and commitment, please contact me at the RE/MAX of Nanaimo office to discuss your property selling needs.

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General Articles

Basics of Selling icon
The Basics of Selling

When it comes to the final sale of your personal property, I am here to help you get through all the basics, as well as the more advanced.

Homeowners who decide to sell have to be aware of the many factors and costs when selling. With the help of a REALTOR®, you will learn tips to ensure you sell your property efficiently and avoid any surprises when the final sale is on the table. Take a moment to review a few articles below to find out more about how you can work with me to get the price you want for your property.

Free Market Evaluation

I am proud to offer you a FREE, no-obligations home market evaluation based on properties sold in your area that are similar to yours. This evaluation is designed give you the essential first step towards preparing to sell your home by answering the question, “how much is it worth?”

I highly recommend making arrangements to view your property in person in order to provide a more accurate evaluation. Please contact me directly for details.

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Factors that Influence the Selling Price

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Costs Involved When Selling

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Tips for Sellers

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Seller Representation

I will represent your property with the utmost professionalism, and guide you towards a quick sale with the price that your property deserves.

Justus Edmundson

It is estimated that the average Canadian will own between 4-5 homes in their lifetime. Make sure your property is represented properly and professionally on the market. Select a REALTOR® who will work with you to make the selling process happen quickly, efficiently, and for the most amount of money with the fewest number of problems.

A glance at my selling system:

Selling your home is an extensive process, make sure you trust the REALTOR® you choose and never hesitate to ask questions! If you choose to work with me, I will ensure that you experience a positive and profitable real estate sale.

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The Process of Selling

When you are placing property up for sale it is important to be aware of the process and the commitment required to find the perfect buyer for you.

Assess the Market

  • Your Value – I can provide you with a free home market evaluation to determine what your property is worth, and arrive at a listing price that will be competitive in the current market.
  • Market Value – When selling your home, make sure you understand what the current real estate market is up to – just because another house on your block sold for a high price in a strong market does not automatically mean you will command a similar price. Sometimes it is not a sellers’ market and you might want to wait to list your home.

List Your Property

  • The Paperwork – Our first step is to initiate a Multiple Listing Contract, which is a standard form between The Seller and the Listing Agent. This form outlines the details of the property sale, the commission rate, relevant dates, as well as personal and real estate agency information.
  • Your Protection – When you use a REALTOR® and complete the Multiple Listing Contract it protects you as the seller and acknowledges that you have chosen to work with a REALTOR®. Using a professional real estate agent will make sure you have dotted all the i's and crossed the t's.

Prepare to Sell

  • Upgrade & Repair – Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes, and repair any issues you see in your home. Buyers are great at finding defects that the home owner didn’t fix, and as the current owner you might not realize the presence of these issues in your day-to-day routine.
  • Stage Your Home – Once your home has been listed on the market, it is important to stage your home, as the buyer will be picky and particular. I am more than happy to discuss ideas and options with you, or direct you towards an accredited staging professional if you prefer.

The Benefit of Marketing

  • Online Presence – Once you have prepared your home for sale, we will take pictures to show your property online in a variety of websites. The more presence your property has online, the more it will be viewed by potential buyers.
  • Alternate – We will also review alternate ideas for marketing, such as brochures and other marketing material that will help to promote your property.

Maintain the Beauty

  • Property Appearance – It is important that you maintain your house at a condition that is acceptable for viewing, we want to ensure that every buyer desires to purchase your home – it only takes one visit for a buyer to get a bad vibe from a property, so make sure to mow your lawn and keep your sink free of dirty dishes!
  • Current Market – I will keep you posted with regular updates regarding the market and what is happening in your area to ensure that we are staying in-line with other listings that are comparable to yours.

The Negotiation Phase

  • Offers – When an offer has come in and it is time to discuss the Contract of Purchase and Sale, I will ensure you have a complete understanding of any offer and advise you on the price, clauses and conditions.
  • Counter Offers – Together we will review any counter offers, subject clauses and all closing information. I am here to negotiate on your behalf and keep your best interests in mind.

Closing the Sale

  • Accepting the Deal – Once you have decided to accept the deal, make sure your lawyer has received all of the integral paperwork that is required to complete the closing of the sale of your home. It’s not only my job to make sure you attain a realistic price, but to also ensure the transaction goes smoothly.
  • Moving Day – All the paperwork has been signed and the moving truck has arrived. Relish in the success of a huge life changing sale!

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Specific Articles

Marketing icon
Marketing Your Home

My mission is to provide an exceptional level of service while ensuring that your selling experience is both successful and enjoyable for all.

I strive to deliver your property to more people than any other REALTOR® in Nanaimo. Below is an example of the ways that I will achieve this goal.

Internet, Facebook, & Twitter

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Print Advertising

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Preparation icon
Preparing to Sell

It takes commitment and hard work from both the REALTOR® and the client to sell a house quickly, and to make sure it doesn’t stay on the market too long.

Selling is a good decision – you are moving away from debt and towards a new focus in your life! Take time to prepare yourself for the sale and the time it will take to get the job done. I am here to help you sell the house – you have to make it sellable.

How to make selling your space less emotional:

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Steps to prepare your property for sale:

In order to have a successful sale, both “curb appeal” and a high level of maintenance is integral. Review the house and ask “Does this feel like a welcoming space?” Imagine you are the buyer and you will notice things you would like to improve.

Make it Shine! Trust me when I say that buyers will see every nook and cranny when they’re looking at potential homes. The more work you put in, the greater the return you’ll get back!

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Relocation icon

When you decide to sell your home, there’s a good chance you’ll need to consider where you will move next.

Whether it is a sudden job transfer, or simply the decision to change your current living arrangement, ensure you pre-plan the purchase of your next property with all of your future requirements in mind. Do your own research and ensure to review the potential location to prevent selling in a prime location to move to a less desirable one.

The Nanaimo skyline

Research to consider when relocating:

If you would like advice on relocating to Nanaimo, Nanoose Bay, or other areas on Vancouver Island after selling your property, please get in touch.

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Luxury Home icon
Luxury Home Sales

I am proud to say I can offer privacy, security and anonymity to all of my clients, traits often sought after by my high-end property sellers.

I will handle your property sale with care and discretion while showing your home during the sale process. Allow me to assess the uniqueness of your property and expose your listing to the qualified and prospective buyers on the market. I will accurately price your property in order to maximize your investment into your home.

The criteria and price points for a luxury home vary considerably depending on the city your property is located. The classification of a luxury home takes into account the other homes in the surrounding area, the amenities that are accessible, the location (including the view), as well as an absence of unwanted nuisances, such as crime-rate, unwanted commercialization and industrialization. Other important aspects of a luxury home are customizations of the home, as well as historical or architectural significance.

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